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Virtual Family Therapy

In Pennsylvania & California

Virtual Therapy

Our family therapy approach is rooted in the belief that understanding the dynamics and connections within a family system is essential for fostering positive change.

About Family Therapy

In family therapy, you’ll explore the intricate web of relationships, behaviors, and communication patterns that impact your family’s well-being. Through the use of genograms, visual representations of your family’s history and relationships, we’ll gain invaluable insights into generational patterns and interdependencies.

By addressing these dynamics, we empower your family to navigate challenges, improve communication, and build stronger bonds. Discover the transformative potential of family therapy based on systems theory and genograms – contact us today to schedule your session and embark on a journey toward a healthier and more harmonious family life.

Let us join you on this journey to rediscover the joy and connection that brought you together in the first place. Your path to a better relationship starts here at HOPE Counseling Center.

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Areas in Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia County; Chester County, Delaware County; Montgomery County; Berks County; Lancaster County; Pittsburgh; Harrisburg; State College; Erie County; Hershey

Areas in California:

Ventura County, LA County; San Diego County; Central CA; Santa Cruz, San Francisco

Couple’s and Family Therapy

couples & family therapy is not reimburseable through insurance, as insurance companies do not deem couples counseling as medical necessity.


Individual Therapy

we accept a few insurances for individual therapy that are listed in FAQs


Clinical Supervision

$150 per 50-minute


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