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We offer Clinical Supervision & Consultation

In Pennsylvania & California

About Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Clinical Supervision in PA

HOPE Counseling Center has 3 qualified clinical supervisors who have the ability to sign off on hours towards licensure for LCSW, LPC, and LMFT. HOPE Counseling Center also has contract opportunities for part time virtual unlicensed clinicians.

Clinical Supervision in CA

CEO and Founder, Dr. Lauren Lawson, is an LMFT and AAMFT Approved Supervisor, and is qualified with the Board of Behavioral Scienes to sign off on hours towards licensure. HOPE Counseling Center has w-2 opportunities for part-time virtual Associate MFTs.

Clinical Consultation

Dr. Lauren Lawson has been providing clinical supervision and clinical consultation to licensed and unlicensed clinicians for 10+ years. Dr. Lawson often consults with clinicians on high risk cases children, adolescesnts, and adults in California and Pennsylvania

Philosophy of Supervision

Your approach to supervision should resonate with who you are as a person at your core. Similarly, when working with clients, the relationship with your supervisee is key to unlocking a powerful experience for both of you, and you cannot do that unless you are authentically you in supervision.

Feel more confident in WHO YOU ARE as a Therapist

Let’s Talk!

Areas in Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia County; Chester County, Delaware County; Montgomery County; Berks County; Lancaster County; Pittsburgh; Harrisburg; State College; Erie County; Hershey

Areas in California:

Ventura County, LA County; San Diego County; Central CA; Santa Cruz, San Francisco

Couple’s and Family Therapy

couples & family therapy is not reimburseable through insurance, as insurance companies do not deem couples counseling as medical necessity.


Individual Therapy

we accept a few insurances for individual therapy that are listed in FAQs


Clinical Supervision

$150 per 50-minute


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