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Hello, My name is Lauren Lawson

As a licensed counselor in California and Pennsylvania, my focus is on nurturing the bonds that tie families and couples together. I specialize in family and couples counseling, dedicated to resolving conflicts, improving communication, and fostering deeper connections. Whether it’s navigating the challenges of marriage, parenthood, or the dynamics within a family, I am here to support and guide you.

My approach is to create a safe and empathetic space where families and couples can openly explore and strengthen their relationships.


I work with adult children and their parents or families experiencing estrangement, cut-offs, or rifts in relationships. I also specialize in working with couples experiencing communication break-downs, affairs, polyamorous couples, and couples wanting to do preventative work.

Treatment Style:

I focus on relationship dynamics using genograms to identify family themes, patterns, and unresolved family conflict that are impacting you today. For couples therapy, I use the research proven Gottman Method to improve your relationship in areas of conflict, friendship, and intimacy.