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Online Affirmative Counseling for people who have diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, & expressions

Pennsylvania & California

Providing safe and affirmative therapy online in Pennsylvania and California

Trans, Non-Binary, & Gender Expansive Services

HOPE Counseling Center recognizes that sexual orientation and gender identity are different, although they may influence one another, and are also on continuums that can be fluid overtime.

Letters for Gender Confirmation Surgery

HOPE Counseling Center is dedicated to eliminating gatekleeping for people seeking gender confirmation surgery and offers one-time appointments for those needing a letter for gender confirmation surgery.

Family & Relationship Therapy

At HOPE Counseling Center our mission is to reduce stigma and barriers faced by the LGBTQ+ community and increase family and community acceptance.

Let’s Talk!

Areas in Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia County; Chester County, Delaware County; Montgomery County; Berks County; Lancaster County; Pittsburgh; Harrisburg; State College; Erie County; Hershey

Areas in California:

Ventura County, LA County; San Diego County; Central CA; Santa Cruz, San Francisco

Couple’s and Family Therapy

couples & family therapy is not reimburseable through insurance, as insurance companies do not deem couples counseling as medical necessity.


Individual Therapy

we accept a few insurances for individual therapy that are listed in FAQs


Clinical Supervision

$150 per 50-minute